T-Shirt - She Can Laugh - Black - Women's Cut


The She Can Laugh Short Sleeve T-shirt in a Women's Cut. 

Every now and then we find ourselves at a breaking point.  We have choices.  One of which is a break down.  Sometimes that seems a little easier doesn’t it?  Just let go for a bit.  You can’t keep up anyway. The other is a break through.  This requires holding on for just a little bit longer.  Holding on to hope because in us there lies a strength.  A peculiar strength.  It’s not grown by our hard work and grit and resolve. But rather, it is simply to be known.

When we begin to see those great big burdens we are carrying in light of the enormity of God’s strength and the sufficiency of His provision, something inside us shifts.  Our perspective changes.  We discover another route… she can laugh.  No longer are we driven by fear, alone in our tears, and defined by our circumstances.  "She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.” Proverbs 31:25  So come what may.  If we can’t laugh, then what can we do? Oh what beauty shines forth from the heart, though it has been broken, still emerges with a gentle smile.  And what contagious joy is to be found as she discovers that she can laugh.

From the brand: 
Identity in Christ is a lifestyle brand that speaks into the foundational truths of who we are. We desire to shed light on the freedom we possess and the beauty that is unleashed when we live as a Child of God whose identity is in Christ. Our society gives us endless opportunities to be defined by what we do, how we look, what we have, and how we perform. Without success and stability in our circumstantial living, we become unravels. As our world shakes around us our Identity in Christ remains secure. Through each product we desire to give a reminder and touch of the beauty and freedom you possess as a Child of God. Period. As we are secure in who we are, we can be free to carry hope and love to the world around us.