Horizontal Bar Necklace - Love is Louder


The Love is Louder Horizontal Bar Necklace

“We love because he first loved us.” 1 John 4:19.  And oh how He loves us.  Intentional love is a mighty force.  As we actively seek and ask God to lead us in love, radical things begin to happen.  We find ourselves in the presence of those in need of a word, speaking the words Jesus alone knows they truly need to hear. Loving in a way that speaks directly to their heart. We respond in ways we wouldn’t expect, at times even surprising ourselves.  Sometimes leaving others speechless in response to overwhelming love. We find ourselves acting on that idea we had that just might radically change someone’s day. Someone’s life.

Maybe we find that we don’t have to do "something huge” in life. The world is screaming out of a chaotic mess of longing & desire, pride & fame, hurt & injustice. Love is louder. It’s time we all really start living.  No matter what your platform, how beautiful your voice, or how grand your accomplishments, the love of God coming through us to people is the loudest sound in the entire world.  

From the brand: 
Identity in Christ is a lifestyle brand that speaks into the foundational truths of who we are. We desire to shed light on the freedom we possess and the beauty that is unleashed when we live as a Child of God whose identity is in Christ. Our society gives us endless opportunities to be defined by what we do, how we look, what we have, and how we perform. Without success and stability in our circumstantial living, we become unravels. As our world shakes around us our Identity in Christ remains secure. Through each product we desire to give a reminder and touch of the beauty and freedom you possess as a Child of God. Period. As we are secure in who we are, we can be free to carry hope and love to the world around us.