DermaDot Acne Patches


Combat untimely breakouts with DermaDot Acne Patches. These patches, crafted with 100% vegan hydrocolloid, effectively drain and flatten acne while shielding it from harmful bacteria and pollutants, speeding up the healing process. Plus, their seamless blend with the skin make them almost undetectable. For 24/7 protection and concealment, wear day and night.

  • Blends seamlessly with all skin tones
  • Effectively drains and shrinks whiteheads
  • Helps bring almost-ready pimples to surface
  • Protects blemishes from contamination caused by external irritants
  • Expedites blemish healing time

How it Works: 

1. Find Your Target

DermaDot patches work best on 'almost ready' blemishes and whiteheads. Before applying, clean and thoroughly dry the area where you will be sticking the patch.

2. Apply The Patch

Wash hands before applying. Pull back the plastic that the patch is attached to, and gently pluck off with clean hands or tweezers. Apply to blemish with gentle pressure.

3. Let It Work

Leave on overnight, and/or during the day for up to 12 hours. Once drained, the patch will turn white, and you're ready to remove! No drainage yet? Keep applying until the blemish comes to head.