WODEN - Bjork Mix Leather Sneaker-Blanc de Blank/Black


Bjork Mix Leather Sneaker from WODEN is a classic yet must-have white sneaker that features a timeless color block design and enhanced comfort.

The lightweight design is ensured by the use of a WODEN airflow footbed and an outsole based on their Natural Soft technology. A technology designed to ensure the best possible comfort, making Bjork a comfortable companion on the move.

  • Cork Insole with Airflow system
  • LWG Certified Leather
  • Rubber Sole with WODEN Natural Soft Technology™
  • Fish Leather Details

To add to their sustainable story, Bjork also features a QR code with information on their use of fish leather. Unique for WODEN sneakers is that they incorporate at least 50% recycled polyester from PET bottles in the backing material. Soft PU-foam is used for the insole of the sneakers, which is not only lightweight but also shock-absorbing.