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Westboro Jacket - Ecru

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The Westboro Jacket has a relaxed and sophisticated look without compromising comfort. The fabric is durable, and the vibe is effortless. To minimize Oliver Logan's global impact, the Westboro was made in their solar-powered facility with ethically sourced cotton. They use air-dry technology, which reduces energy consumption by 20%. Layer up or rock it oversized. You can't go wrong with this one.

  • 98.5% COTTON (BCI) 1.5% LYCRA
  • Model is wearing a small

"At Oliver Logan, we're all about sustainability. Part of that means conserving water and energy. You should wash your jeans as infrequently as possible, and when you do wash them only use cold water so the denim doesn't shrink. When drying, save energy and hang dry, preferably on a line in the shade to avoid discoloration. And remember, dryers are notoriously hard on jeans - they aren't your friend."