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Backpack - Black

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The Karama Collection's take on the classic backpack is perfect for any occasion! Made with 100% pure Ethiopian leather, this adjustable bag will make any outfit, excursion or school day fun and fashionable! (The black and camel backpacks come with knotted ties instead of the tassel tie).
  • Backpack is 10" W x 15" H x 6" D
  • Adjustable back straps 25-30" 
  • Two interior open pockets
  • Black and Camel have knot ties
  • Tobacco and Sand have tassel ties
  • 100% full grain Ethiopian leather

This type of leather will naturally show a history of scratches and marks with use. A beautiful patina will develop over time as the leather naturally absorbs oils from daily contact. We recommend conditioning your leather bag with Leather CPR once or twice a year. Please spot test the conditioner on the bottom of your bag as conditioning the bag will slightly darken the color. Condition entire bag at the same time and allow 24 hours for full absorption and drying time.

The Karama Collection Story

Designed and handcrafted from 100% Ethiopian leather, each leather product brings dignity and purposeful work to artisans across Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Made from high-quality full grain leather, each leather bag will patina beautifully over time only improving with age. from 100% full-grain pull up leather.